Time to say Goodbye

BON18086All good things must come to an end, and this project is sadly closing down. The project editors, Barbara Pezzini, with Alison Bennett, Nicola Kennedy, Madeleine Pearce and Giulia della Rosa, would like to thank all the readers of the Burlington Index Blog.

The Index Blog stemmed from the Burlington Magazine Index, a digital and research project that was supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Digital Communications Fund and The Monument Trust.

The Index Project has not only made available the material contained in the Magazine, but has provided scholarly-focused research which has uncovered a wealth of new information, such as the identification of its historical authors (such as Mary Berenson writing under the unassuming initials of M.L. for Mary Logan) and of many unattributed images in the dealers’ advertisements that now provide an archive for provenance research, connoisseurship and history of the art market.

The Index Project leaves a legacy of two international conferences organised in conjunction with Sotheby’s Institute of Art, six research articles on historical Burlington subjects published in four journals besides the Burlington, a book chapter (currently in print) on the history of the early Burlington, six national and international conference papers and four University seminars on Burlington-related subjects, two Burlington-led discussion panels at the London Art Fair, two Burlington-themed National Gallery public lectures, and a year-long Burlington-led seminar series.

And of course this blog: in 3.5 years we have had so far 33,000 views and just short of 20,000 unique visitors – that’s a lot of people for a niche, art historiographical project and the blog editors and its authors wish to thank you all – the fact that this blog has been cited in articles and stimulated new research is for us the most important part of its legacy. We stop, but the research continues.


BP, August 2017








2 thoughts on “Time to say Goodbye

  1. Well done, Barbara, what a fantastic list of achievements. Congratulations to you and Alison, Nicola, Madeleine and Giulia for creating such a rich research resource.

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